We traveled to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and did a small editorial for ‘Are You Swedish?’ and their Erik & Emila brand. In this video made by photographer Sjoerd Spendel for 365-Dagen we highlight the Ensamheten Stone sunglasses, which is such a beauty! Want one? Check their website for stores here.

Press Release: HASHTAG365 will be published in Great Britain and US in 2015

Aerial Media Company has sold the book HASHTAG365 by Sjoerd Spendel and Lennart de Jong, to publishing house Clearview in London and it will be published in England and the United States in 2015. The book which is based on the 365-Days-project on Tumblr and will be published in the Netherlands and Belgium this autumn.

Photographers Spendel and De Jong have reached a large worldwide audience with their blog and are proud that the book will be published internationally.

“The intent of our media company is to act as internationally as possible which we acclaimed to do when we started”, according to the publishers Van Haaften and Janssen. “This is a perfect example of that”. 

We want to thank all the people who already placed a pre-order (www.hashtag365.co) for our book! It really means a lot to us. Last weekend we received the sales magazine from Aerial Media Company for the upcoming book season. So the wait is almost over!

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It’s feel so good to say that our photography book from our “365-Dagen” project by Sjoerd Spendel and Lennart de Jong is now available as pre-order edition in our own web store! We ship worldwide. Also check our website Hashtag365.co for more info.

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First photo of our book, which is now available as pre-order!